Barefoot Numero Uno

Welcome to my brand-spanking new blog. Well, ok, it’s been sitting around, quite dusty, for a while now. Nonetheless, I am officially activating blog power.

I plan on doing roughly 3-4 posts per week, with the following subjects on the following days.

Monday: Food (sounds general, but you’ll see a trend develop quite quickly)

Wednesday: Gardening

Friday: Buying and Dealing Locally

Randomly: Everything else

The theme, if you will, will be sustainability.

If you’re good little readers and keep an eye out, there will also be giveaways and contests. To support local people, defined as anyone in the state of AR, since Little Rock is centrally located, there may also be coupons for local businesses available here and there.

I appreciate everyone’s readership, and patience with my developing trajectory…

Happy Living!


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