Gardening is an valuable skill to have–it’s truly a self-sufficient skill worthy of having. It’s good exercise, can save you money, tastes better than store bought, has more nutrients…and can also be superbly frustrating. Bugs will strike, you’ll forget to water plants, and you’ll wind up eating nothing but salad because it’s what survived…and it’ll be worth every moment, because you will experience euphoria.

My friend Sally and I are planting a lovely garden this year. My main topics in this area will be composting, natural pest control, starting seedlings indoors, harvesting, preserving, and so forth. Hopefully, I’ll also show weekly pictures to give you an idea of what my weekly progress is here at my grow zone.

Even if you are only capable of planting a small window planter with some spinach or lettuces–do it! You will get a nice feeling of pride, as well as some nice salads out of it.

Let’s not forget all the salad you won’t have to buy from ‘the man’.


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