Local Eats

Today’s article has to do with my particular craving. Indian food.

As I missed posting last Friday, a short introduction to local buying.
When you purchase from local establishments, more than half of the dollar spent returns to the community–an immeasurable value over time. It also supports uniqueness of a city. The better small businesses do, the more likely others are to open a small business. Food quality is also often better at local eateries, specifically.

So, today, specifically, food.

The Star of India is by far the best Indian restaurant in town. The staff always greets you as though you are a beloved niece, long lost. It’s ‘always a pleasure darling, always a pleasure.’ However, you will find yourself well attended only when you need attending–you are never bothered overly.

The food is amazing. When it comes to Indian food, if you accidentally order too spicy, remember to ask for a side of yogurt. It will kill the spice, but keep the flavor. The chicken tikka saag was epic, and the lamb biryani was so tender it was worth a tear.

Short version: if you like Indian food, or even if you don’t, you’ll love the Star of India.

Happy Local Eating!


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