New Garden Plans

This week, I jumped what felt like a ten foot tall hurdle. I found a new apartment. It’s downtown, directly across from a fire station and a beer and pizza joint. I’m considering ear plugs for sleeping, depending on how often the fire trucks seem to run. Despite that minor detail, it’s in an awesome location: the top floor of an old building being used for a weekend theater. I’m incredibly excited.

What I’m even more excited about is the “For Sale” vacant lot behind the apartment. Some of it is gravel, but some of it is nice grass. I absolutely plan to practice a little rebel gardening this year. There’s another term for it that I wish I could recall, but the entire premise of rebel gardening is that you just sort of move in and take over any vacant green space you can find.

While I will certainly be ready for the possibility of the lot being sold mid-growing season, I’m not really expecting it, due to various geographical and economic factors. So, I move in March 1, a Tuesday, and I expect by April 1 to have some good sprouts shooting up. Pictures to come the post after moving day.

Veggies to plant:

english peas

Second batch:
End of March, Beginning of April:
green beans
2 kinds of squash
3 lettuces

To come…


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