Lack of Gas = Crappy Eating (aka, the story of the lone sardine)

In case you were wondering, it takes fire to cook. Here, fire means electricity. This may not come as a surprise to most of you, but for those of us just finishing a move, it’s more than a little distressing. It’s an odd story that doesn’t bear recounting, but let’s just say that I won’t have a cooking surface until Thursday, and that it’s not because I forgot to have it turned on.

Nonetheless. Upon waking this morning, I was in quite a rush. When I did get to my apartment, where food might have been waiting, the only thing there (due to said move) was a block of cheese and some ketchup. I chose neither.

When getting to work, I thankfully discovered the oat bran cereal I left last week. I ate about half the box. It’s pretty high in grains and fiber, so not too awful. I was also happy to discover the can of sardines in my drawer. While the majority may turn their nose up at these lovely little fishies, I’m here to tell you that they are a gift from the sea. High in protein and healthy fat, they are a quick meal that can’t be beat–particularly when put on a piece of bread. Nummy!!

Unfortunately, my office mates didn’t agree, and I reasonably acquiesced to their preference that I not eat them. Sadly, as I was unable to cook anything to bring, this left me with…campus food. (Duhm duhm duhm) Quizno’s appeared to be the best option, so I ordered a chicken sandwich. Fine and dandy, probably not too many calories–but $8!

To be fair, my food woes of the day have been almost solely based on poor planning and time management skills. Despite that, I can’t help but secretly and unfairly blame the prejudice against sardines for my plight–branch out! Give it a shot! It’s cheaper than Quizno’s, after all.


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