Bad hippie, bad

Well, maybe not BAD, but bad. Moving has put me in a rush lately (despite this, I am finally fully moved). Consequently, I’ve been eating whatever was available–which has often been fast food. No fruits, no veggies, in the scheme of things anyway. Maybe a salad here and there. 😦 My belly is not happy with me at all. As I wrote about a week or two ago, things move better when they’re fed properly. So, take this as my vow to be better. No fast food, fewer carbs, since those have also been the bane of my existence for several days now, and lots of veggies and fruits. I’ve got to be hard core for at least a week to get this straightened out.

Argh. It’s so much easier to be mostly good all the time, so that you don’t have to be painfully perfect every now and then. Noted.


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