Plant Plans

My initial reaction to that idea of planting a garden is, “Oh, man! I can plant one of everything!” Unfortunately, that’s entirely illogical given the space I have and the time I have. So, I went to the secondary list, which is what I eat almost daily, and seems most logical to try to grow myself.

Summer squash
Green Beans


Though I typically prefer pole-type plants, this year I’m going with bush variety, just to try something new, as well as to ease the amount of supplies and labor that are required initially.

Above are my favorite veggies, the ones that make me wish every year for summer, and thus are the ones I am most pushed to plant. The March list I plan to put in next Thursday.

On a side note, there’s a little tiny strip of green on the sidewalk by my apartment that I’m pretty sure is neglected by the world. I’m planning to get a couple of cheap packs of wildflower seeds and plant them there, to create a little unexpected beauty. What can you do this week to create some beauty for yourself, your surroundings, or someone who really needs it?


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