I’ve been thinking about the nature of the world today. It seems like I’m always running here, running there. I skipped two classes yesterday just because I needed some time at my apartment. You heard me–I didn’t skip to party, or hang out with friends. I skipped to go to my apartment and sit on my couch (well, and to make some bread and a couch cover, but I digress). I needed some un-rushed time where no demands of my time were being made. I think it’s healthy to relax and not fill every hour with activity. Unfortunately, that’s often not the way the world works.

So, new efforts will be put towards a little yoga and tea every morning–to start my morning by relaxing. By being more efficient at work, I also won’t have to do any work outside of that. Next semester, I’m also only taking one night class instead of two–that’s going to make me feel much more free. I’m also about an hour away from resigning from the scheduled portion of an every other Saturday job, so I’ll always have a two day weekend. I’m feeling fine, but I’ve definitely been getting warning signals that it’s time to do some time management, or I’m going to start feeling very stressed and overextended.

So, how is this relevant for the reader? My suggestion is to stay really tuned in to yourself. Take note of how you’re feeling on a day to day basis. Are you stressed or relaxed? Enjoying some free time for friends, family, and hobbies, or are you overdoing it as far as work, school, or other commitments? Do what you can to weed out excess time constraints early, rather than letting your physical or mental healthy suffer.

Now, go have some tea.


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