Opinions: Overrated

My mother always used to say that you’re getting awfully close to judgement when you start having opinions about things. Clearly, she wasn’t talking about what kinds of food you like or the jeans you think your butt looks best in. None the less, I nodded and smiled whilst thinking to myself, “You can have opinions. Obviously. Just don’t judge people,” with all of the knowledge of my teenaged years.

Folks, I’m here to tell you that I was was wrong.

I was talking with some friends the other day and venting about some things. As my friends were leaving, I remember thinking, “Wow. I’m frustrated.” But what was I frustrated about? I thought I was frustrated because I cared and wanted the individuals in question to see the light and live happier, healthier, fuller lives–and while that’s partly true, it’s not the real reason for my angst.

I was frustrated because they weren’t seeing MY way. MY way, which was clearly right and would lead to all things being light and perfect. I was, in fact, not only having an opinion about other people’s actions, but judging them for not seeing the RIGHT way. I was judging their choices against mine and what I would do.

So, as I lay (lie? I’m never sure about this one) in bed that night, I got to thinking. Wouldn’t life be less stressful if we weren’t getting riled up about other people’s choices all the time? That may sound silly, but stop and consider how much time you spend getting frustrated, annoyed, or otherwise irate with other people’s choices that DON”T ACTUALLY EFFECT YOU. Because when we have an opinion, trust me, you start judging those whom you have an opinion about.

So hear me out: What if you just minded your own house, so to speak, and loved everyone? Forget having an opinion about what people do and just extend the love despite what they do. Imagine the stress relief you might experience?

What things are you holding onto that you could let go of?


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