Birth Control: Don’t we deserve some options? (A rant)

This is not an advertisement; I have not been compensated in any way for this. It’s just my opinion.

I’ve been on “The Pill” for my entire adult life. Literally. Since I was 14. I’m grateful for it, as it’s prevented me from having kids way before that would have been healthy or productive, and I’m grateful on behalf of the many other people for whom it’s had the same benefit. If the choice is between more unwanted, uncared for children, and some artificial hormones, I think the choice is obvious. I just want to make that clear–I’m definitely not against the pill or any other artificial means of birth control.


I was off the pill for about two months a couple of years ago. Linoleum was turning me on. I felt better, more clear, more vital…all around better. I got back on it for exactly the reasons stated above. It was a choice. However, I realized that I was missing out on the really amazing things my body is supposed to feel. So, fast forward a few years. I’m hitched, so while I’m not seeking pregnancy, I feel more comfortable switching to something that requires more responsibility on my part. After searching for awhile, I found Cyclebeads. I realize that these are not for everyone, but I feel similarly about these as I do the cup for one’s menstrual cycle–it’s frustrating that this method isn’t a widely available choice. We, as women, deserve the choice. I deserve the choice to have something that will (with 95% accuracy) prevent pregnancy, without hormones or something artificial in my body. We, as women, deserve the choice. I deserve the choice to have something that will (with 95% accuracy) prevent pregnancy, without hormones or something artificial in my body.

The short version is, these are a set of beads with a marker. You move the marker one bead per day, and when the marker is on certain colors of beads you are fertile and need to use some backup. It also tells you rather or not your cycle is within a 26-32 window (which are the lengths of cycles that can use this method successfully). There’s also a really cool app that I’ve been using heavily. It tracks not only the above, but has pop up reminders about being fertile and reminders that your cycle should start within X amount of days. If you just input your start date every month, or use the beads appropriately, these have a 95% success rate. That’s pretty damn good. Yes, you have to use backup or abstain for certain days. That’s not for everyone…but it’s a hell of a lot better to me than feeling heavy and dulled, like I finally realized I’ve been feeling.

This all comes back around to the same thing: choices. I’m really frustrated that we’ve been led to use disposables and hormones as the norm. There are some amazing reusable that function as well or better than disposables, save money, and are, in my opinion, much more sanitary than disposables. There are some good, scientifically studied options for birth control that don’t involve pumping our bodies full of hormones.

Use whatever works for you. I want women to explore their options and make the choice that is best for them. But you DO have options.


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