I like being a girl. Do you?

I think being a girl is pretty amazing. I’m sure being a guy is equally amazing, but I have no personal experience from which to draw in that area šŸ™‚

The older I get, the more I realize it. I consider myself quite young yet, so I imagine when I’m 10, 20, 30, 60 years older, this feeling will become all the more intense.

Being a girl-human means to me:

  • I have the ability to grow new life. Tiny humans can be brought forth from my body, with lives that can have unending potential. My children, or their progeny, could save the whole world.
  • I am occasionally moody. I’ve determined that most of this moodiness occurs when I’m repressing something that I want to say, but don’t feel able to share. The older I get, the more I recognize this feeling and want to express, not repress.
  • I am capable of anything I set my mind to. If I want to crochet a rug, I will figure out how. If I want to get a master’s in physics, I will panic slightly and then go grab some texts.
  • I try to be kind, but sometimes fail.

That’s all cool stuff, right? Right. Unfortunately, here are some other things that being a girl means:

  • As a woman, I may have less access to education.
  • I may use dirty feminine protection and get an infection, causing anything from a day or two of illness, to missed work, to death. In addition, I am more prone to poverty and early death due to an inability to control when I procreate.
  • Men may talk over me, intentionally or unintentionally, making me feel undervalued and decreasing the chances that I will speak up in certain forums when I have something valuable to say.

Obviously, these are specific things, two of which most likely refer to 3rd world locations. But guess what? There are a lot of 3rd world countries, and a lot of women living in them. I want those women to have the opportunity to feel about themselves the way that I feel about our gender: we are powerful, beautiful, capable beings.

What do you think about being a girl? What do you love? What frustrates you–and how can you change that? How can you change the world? Big or small, let me know in the comments below!

Coming Monday: My dear friend Kasie Jo has decided to work on a secret memoir about being a “frugal redneck”. It’s brilliant, and she is allowing me to share the beginning with you! See you Monday…


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