Another one for the ladies…

Happy Saturday!

You all have figured out by now that’s am a definite supporter of reusable menstrual products. There are many reasons for this, one of them being the sustainability factor. Another huge reason is convenience–before my switch, I was always forgetting to make a preemptive trip to the store for tampons, resulting in an inevitable emergency run at midnight once month.

Last night I discovered The Period Store. (I am posting this of my own volition with no compensation.)

They have very reasonable monthly packages you can sign up for that include chocolate, tea, and tiny art prints. You also get to pick which menstrual products you want to have shipped each month–including tampons and pads! Simply tell them when your next cycle starts and the average length of your cycles, and they will auto-ship your chosen products. You can, of course, order items to be shipped just once, as well. They also carry some reusables, so you can stock up on those and then have them ship your chocolate, tea, and art as a monthly treat.

They are a small company, owned by women, and operated in the US–all good things. Anyway, give them a look–it might save you that midnight headache!

Be happy.



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