So. I’ve made some minor, monumental decisions lately, which have resulted in some equally minor and monumental actions. I am in a list mood today, so these updates shall come to you in that form. Ha! Ok.

  • I have decided to focus on Love. Local. Little Rock. for the rest of the year, which means that my planned release of the informational pamphlet-book on seizures is not going to happen.
  • However, that same information will be available, for free, on my blog! I will release excerpts here and there. Next year I will probably aggregate those posts and sell them as a booklet for a dollar or two.
  • I wrote a business plan. It involves a whole bunch of stuff that no one but me is probably interested in. However, I did discover that there will be some online courses coming out next year, so there’s that. It’s nice when your subconscious lets you in on things.
  • I am also considering a collaborative project between myself and…everyone on the internet. Sort of. Okay, not really, but it could be that. More to come.

And…that’s it. It felt bigger when I started typing.

:Steps down and hands microphone to next person:

Happy Saturday.


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