Monkey Brain and the Goal-Oriented Mindset

Many of us are living in a goal-oriented mindset. Even if we count among those goals to do yoga daily, meditate twice a day, juice, eat healthy, and so on, we are still pursuing a list.

Our brains like to play—they are like little monkeys that need discipline in order to continue functioning through the distractions of the world. One of the things that our brains like is repetition and thrill seeking, which can come by way of goal pursuit. It’s easy to convince ourselves that we are overriding this parameter if our goals seem…holistic.


If we spend our days in pursuit of a goal, purely for the sake of the pursuit, we’re not really living in the now, are we? Don’t get me wrong—I certainly want everyone to meditate and make healthy choices—but I wouldn’t want the pursuit of those things to become the be-all and end-all. Our daily choices are meant only to increase our vitality so that we may more fully enjoy the life we were given, so that we can live it to the fullest. In other words, we do yoga (or meditate, eat well, etc) so that we may live our life—we don’t live our life so that we can do yoga.

Be Mindful

How do you determine which goals are precious uses of your time, and which ones are only time-spenders?

  • Be mindful. Are you using this five minutes, or two hours, or week to the best advancement of your soul or the world?
  • Monitor your feelings: Are you genuinely happy and at peace with this activity, even during struggles? Or are you using this pursuit to escape something?
  • What is your brain doing as you work? Chattering? Nagging? Being calm? Praising your activity? The inner landscape provides great clues about the personal validity of how you spend your time.
  • Remember, no one can tell you what goals are and are not “worthy”. There are no worthy goals. There are no unworthy goals. There are only your goals, and they are perfect, as you are perfect.

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