Massage: The Gateway Drug

I went to massage school because I was a) 18 and b) kind of going through a break-up that led me to having a minor life crisis about what I wanted to do with myself. My mom is a massage therapist, so it seemed like a good route to go for a stable side income to see me through the rest of college. She raised me, like a good hippie, to value alternative medicine, energy, and inter-soul relationships. Luckily, the school I chose also valued those things, and so what I learned in school, and since school, was so much more than just how to rub a shoulder:

  • Sometimes, it’s your heart that needs the massage, more than your body. Nothing helps your feelings as much as some non-sexual, therapeutic touch. Stressed? Get a massage. Not sleeping well? Get a massage? Upset about something? Get a massage. All of that healthy skin-to-skin contact does something for your psyche that is hard to find elsewhere.
  • Massage is like a gateway drug. You start out thinking it will be a good side job, but then you find out about all these other modalities, including nutritional health, myofascial release, yoga, Thai massage, Reiki, etc, etc. Soon, you’re a yoga instructor/nutrition coach/spiritual healer…and you won’t even remember what life was like before. Vacation time becomes, rather than a mindless week away, an opportunity to take a continuing education class at some retreat in Costa Rica.
  • As much as massage is physical, it’s also energetic. You’ll find that many people come for more than just muscle relief. They come because they like what the presence of your energy does for them, and you will want to see your clients for the same reason. You’ll find that your clients are benefiting your growth just as much as your help theirs. You will never give more than you will receive.

I do what I do because I want to help people find their authentic selves. Whether I am giving massage, teaching writing, or talking about food, I want to be present with ideas and conversations that give our lives meaning, rather than getting caught up in things that do not. Massage is just a portion of that, and since I began practicing, it’s served to open my eyes to more and more ways of viewing energy, the world, health, and the ever-shifting way that we interact with each other and the Universe.


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