In the Memories

We are created from the genes of our parents, who were created from the combined genes of their parents. The genetic material donated by our fathers has been a part of him since the moment of his conception, and contains cellular memory of every experience he had up to that point. The same is true of our mother, only we have 9 extra months in which we share blood, cells, creation.

Our cells and DNA are ancient, composed of the genetic memory of every ancestor in our line. Every experience they had before creating offspring is imprinted on the material they pass into the future. We know this is true in terms of physical traits from an evolutionary standpoint, but I mean, too, that their very experiences are stored in their cells. I’m not sure where I got this idea. Maybe it was the science channel, maybe my mother, or hell, maybe it was from Dune.

All I know is that sometimes I remember what I shouldn’t. The experiences of my mother and my father are in my blood and in my bones. We say offhandedly, “It’s in the memories.” If it is not in my lifetime, it was in theirs, or in my grandparent’s, and I can still, just vaguely, remember.

What do you think? How does genetic memory seem to work in your life? Does it?


One thought on “In the Memories

  1. The fact that this instinct cannot be quenched as easily as the others, makes it even more tempting.
    The survival of the soul through the change called
    death is on the verge of being openly acknowledged by scientists and scholars of academic circles.
    They help us through difficult times in our relationships.

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