A Toast to my Nephew

My nephew, my wee little nephew, was born with heart-shaped nostrils.

Seriously. If you held him and looked at his nose, it was there for all to see.

I haven’t asked to look lately, but I suspect they are still little hearts.

He was the first of my sibling’s children that I was old enough to appreciate as an aunt. I remember the first time I saw him, and watching him grow has been a miracle of life.

He’s always wanted so to be big. When he hit his birthday last year, it was like someone injected him with growth hormones. Today is his next birthday, and he is 6 feet tall, or a little better. His voice is deeper, and he is the image of my brother.

He is kind, funny, smart, and a great conversationalist. He is a baker, a writer, a fisherman, and a gamer. He gives great hugs, and willingly.

I love him very much.

So happy 14th birthday, my lad, and here’s a toast to the fullness of life that you have ahead of you.


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