The Power of Writing

In my defense, there are certainly more powerful displays than the one I am about to share. Nonetheless, this is a true story.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love Horny Toad clothing (and how can you not love that name?). I always buy on sale, in an effort to be a bit more budget-friendly (they have several good sales each year), but I buy frequently.

I have this skirt–an a-line, coral skirt. Cotton, very comfortable, very attractive. I happen to also own it in black, but I digress…

I wore this skirt a few week’s ago to a graduation party. I didn’t expect that party to turn into a beer-getting-spilled-on-it concert and subsequent sleepover. The beer, which I had assumed would wash out, in fact, dried clear. The skirt looked amazing when picked up off the floor the next morning. I wore it all day, again.

Now, I love, love, love Horny Toad–but I don’t write to companies. Ever.

But I did, essentially telling them what I mention above, signing off with:

“…I love the ethos of your company, and, whoever is reading this, I probably love you. So thanks for the awesome clothes–I’d be naked without them.

Sincerely, Lacey Thacker”

Imagine my surprise when, a week later, I received an email letting me know how well-received my letter had been–apparently it was even circulated around the office a bit. And, imagine my further surprise when the email continued on to offer me a skirt of my choice–any skirt, any color.

I practically yodeled with excitement. Then I said YES NEW SKIRT.

And that, my friends, is a little glimpse of a little slice of how powerful writing can be.

*No compensation received for this post–I really DO love Horny Toad this much.


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