January Something…

…I’m pretty sure it’s the third. The post will magically know the correct date once I hit publish, so just check that little marker and you’ll know for sure. 

I still live in a camper. I don’t even mind it. Well, most of the time.

Once next week hits, and it’s officially past the New Year week, we will continue the land search. We’ve narrowed it down to two plots; at this point, we are only waiting on the owner to verify one of the surveys so that we may officially decide which to make an offer on. More to come once we actually have an offer accepted.

Notes on the New Year

I read something recently that suggested we not make resolutions, but instead think about how we want our year to look, and make choices that reflect that as reality. 

I want my year to be fit, filled with positive energy, and productive in regard to my writing goals. 

Translation: I want to develop a regular jogging routine again, eat fewer baked goods, not be so crabby toward things I disagree with, and I want to write, every day, without fail.


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