Birthday thoughts, dream jobs, and other happiness

My birthday was just the other day. It felt surreal. This birthday year is a 9, numerologically speaking–I’ll let you figure out the math on that one. While I love birthdays, and in fact had a lovely one this year with my hubs, in the weeks leading up to it, I was feeling rather contemplative. What had I done with my life to this point? What could I do? How could I make this year the best year so far?

I began working out around the first of the year. I do a barre exercise called Pure Barre, and so far, I’m addicted. (You can read about other people’s addictions to this craze here.) A couple of weeks in, I also began jogging.

So, for my birthday, I was feeling improved physically, but still plotting ways to make myself more of who I intend to be.

I had a meeting yesterday I hoped would bear some fruit, but I worked to be calm and not assume anything. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have exciting news: There’s a new magazine coming out in May, and I am the editor! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved writing, and everything I’ve wanted to do with my life has been united by that single love. This magazine will focus on telling stories about brave people–people who have faced illness, fought for our country, started businesses, and so forth. I couldn’t be more thrilled. This is exactly the type of project I’ve always wanted to be involved with.

Just to make the week even better, we finally, FINALLY, close on our property Friday, and my husband found the lost title for a vehicle he purchased…well…let’s just say several months ago. He hasn’t been able to drive or register the thing, so this was quite a victory.

I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful opportunities that have presented themselves this week, and every week.

Happy birthday to me.


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