Spring in the South…

…often means tornados. Sunday night in Arkansas, that’s exactly what it meant. Mayflower, Paron, and Vilonia–a town devastated just 3 years ago–were struck violently by these storms. Mayflower is only 3 miles from where my husband and I purchased land recently. While our location was not touched, I’m very grateful we had not yet moved our temporary camper there.

I shop in Mayflower, I eat in Mayflower. I have seen those people and spoken to them. I directly know of several people who lost homes, and am grateful they are not among those who lost family members.

When I couldn’t sleep Sunday night over the ache in my heart, I wrote this:

There are so many beautiful words that refer to the will of God: Ojala, a Spanish word originating from the Moor’s occupation of Spain, means ‘hopefully’ or ‘I hope’. Its meaning is stronger than simple hope—it means your whole being is involved in the desire. Insha’Allah, an Arabic word, means ‘God-willing’. When I have a hope that is nearly a prayer, it’s these words that come to mind. 

Ojala, please, please let the storms coming be minimal, let them bypass the living and touch only what can be replaced. Insha’Allah, those who were affected by what has already occurred will receive the help they need, mentally, physically, and emotionally, to heal.”

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