Links and More

The Love Vitamin: This website focuses on using nutrition to heal acne. While that is the main thrust, it is generally interesting and has potential usefulness for anyone. The author has a quirky voice and makes awesome videos.

Crunchy Betty: Crunchy Betty focuses on making and using all natural alternatives to regular household products, with a focus on beauty, DIY, and household cleaners. You will find a wealth of information here on many topics.

Mountain Rose Herbs: Mountain Rose Herbs sells teas, herbs, spices, and other products in bulk. You can get shea butter here for cheaper and higher quality than you ever though possible.*

The Q-Link: The Q-Link helps to keep your natural field vibrating at the correct frequency. This can be difficult given the amount of computers, cell phones, and other vibrations we come into contact with on a daily basis. Users of this product report fewer headaches and a generally higher feeling of well being.*

Women’s Health

Cyclebeads: A natural, scientifically developed method of birth control. While it is gaining popularity around the world, I support their efforts to provide this method to women in developing countries. By giving women control over reproduction, you take the first steps in increasing their standard of living. As you know, I’m a huge supporter of reusable menstrual products. Below are two companies that sell pads, cups, sea sponges, and accessories–all designed to make your period more fun, more environmentally friendly, more convenient, cheaper…well, you get the idea! I have had great experiences with both and encourage you to explore each site.

Gladrags is a great company that sells several different menstrual cup brands as well as reusable pads. They endeavor to be socially responsible. (By ordering through this link, you receive a 5% discount!) *

Lunapads: Another great company that works to be socially responsible. They also have a cool blog with lots of useful information. They have pads, cups, and accessories, and offer your first panty-liner for only $5!.

*I earn a small referral fee if you purchase anything from one of these sites. However, I only recommend them because I think they are fantastic!

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