Gas Prices, Walking, and Eating Lunch

I just moved, as you all know. Lucky for me, that move is next door to a fire station and a freeway. First night of sleep was interesting.

Seriously though, I’m incredibly lucky because I can see a food truck called Green Cuisine from my window. It’s an all vegetarian food truck. They also recycle, which is just one small step in reducing waste on our planet. Another huge step is driving less. I walked to Green Cuisine for lunch yesterday, and I want to encourage everyone to walk for their lunch today.

Gas prices in my area are at about $3.35. I don’t know about you, but that’s not in my budget. Consequently, I’m working on a new plan that will put all of my gas trips on a single line, hopefully to streamline or minimize my gas usage. In addition, with where I’ve just moved, I have the ability to walk about a mile and be at a farmer’s market (in May, anyway). I can also take a trolley to get to the closest grocery store. I admit that this takes longer, and requires better planning ahead–no running to the store because you forgot a gallon of milk. Nonetheless, in the long run, your healthy and your bank account with both thank you. If you must drive, for whatever reason, try to make it along a line of other errands you must do–or on the way to and from work. It’s the extra trips that really cost.

Consider getting out the old bicycle. It’s great exercise that often feels effortless because it’s so fun, and, with a lovely basket and set of pannier bags, can haul almost anything you could give it. (Tip: Baby wipes are lightweight, and excellent in the summer for freshening up after a long ride to school or work–or even after a short one, humid as it gets here in the South.)

Have a lovely Friday and a lovely weekend!


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