Monday, and on being behind already

It snowed last week. A foot of true powder covered the streets, the hills, and every car uncovered. It was beautiful, and I wished I was in a cabin with a fireplace.

Unfortunately, my internet was also out during that time, so I didn’t exactly finish the intro posts as I had intended. All that is left is Friday’s Local Stuff introduction, which you’ll get Friday!

Monday’s topic is food.

Like many people, I have a conflicted relationship with food. My natural inclination is to eat fried, sweet, salty, wonderful yumminess. Thankfully, I genuinely LOVE vegetables, fresh fruit, and grains, so I am able to overcome my base desires for bad food.

Most of the time.

Sugar. It’s an addiction. Most people don’t want to admit it–or, alternatively, they do admit it, but don’t really think about what that means. When people talk about the quality of chocolate, they’ll say, “Oh, you get used to the darker, less sweet stuff, and eventually you don’t even think the other tastes good.”

That’s because, like any addiction, once it’s out of your system, you don’t crave it anymore. That doesn’t mean you can’t easily pick up the habit again–even just one little brownie, I think, would be enough to get that sweet tooth reactivated.

Next time you pick up something sweet to eat, consider if you’re even thinking about whether or not you want it–or is it just a habit, a craving that you can’t deny?

Sugar is certainly something I have a problem with. It’s one of the things I’m hoping to work on as part of this blog.


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