Food For the Day

I’ve been thinking lately about what I call “The Patented Hippie Diet”.

The patented hippie diet consists of veggies, fruits, grains, fish, oatmeal, and home made bread, and maybe some yogurt. I’m not a super carnivore myself, but meat (organic, free range, etc) in moderation is certainly reasonable. The idea is that if you feed your body properly, it will treat you properly.

Doctors (not all, however) will tell you that anywhere from 1-5 bowel movements per week is normal. I must disagree. Whatever amount of food goes in, there will be some waste from each meal. Ideally, you would have a bowel movement each time you eat. However, particularly if you eat a really small meal, you may not. I would say that if you are going once a day, you are probably ahead of most people. Twice is pretty damn good, and every time you eat is a bowel movement rockstar. If you’re having “problems” going, you are, almost certainly, not getting enough fiber. So, stop coming to the pharmacy and getting laxatives and Immodium, and change your diet! It’s easier, cheaper, and MUCH better for your body and your belly.

I’ve noticed that if I eat ‘like a hippie’, I tend to go at least twice a day, I feel better, and I’m thinner. No, hippie food isn’t fried, it’s rarely overly savory, and beyond the fruit and honey sweetness, it’s not typically sugary. But, it’s pretty dang good, and really good for you. So, next time you have a choice between a fat burger and a veggie panini, at least give it some thought before you add the side of fries.


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